The Future of Marketing Measurement

Chloe from RescueMetrics sat down with Ground Control’s Phil Zohrab and his former Dentsu colleague from the US (and now SVP of RescueMetrics) Alex Langshur, to riff about the future of marketing measurement.  Alex is the founder and former Co-CEO of Cardinal Path, a Merkle company, and once led Dentsu’s global Google Practice. Alex met […]

The next evolution of MMM and attribution launched in Australia & NZ

US-based Marketing Evolution, already managing over $3B of media spend through their SaaS platform, has partnered with Ground Control Data to offer a new approach to omnichannel marketing measurement and planning that is faster, more granular and more actionable than traditional MMM.

Social: The Neverending Story

With billions of active users across various platforms, social media has provided brands with an unprecedented opportunity to connect with new and existing customers to build both brand awareness and loyalty.  Nike has a whopping 289.2 million followers across Instagram alone. To put it into perspective, that sphere of influence is nearly 200 million more […]

Is your social media listening really real-time?

The Power of the Firehose To quote the great philosophers and performers Cypress Hill, when the shit goes down ya better be ready. In this day and age, when there is a crisis situation, a new product launch, or some outrageous event has occurred, consumers go to their favourite one-to-many social media platforms to announce, […]

Cookies are with us a little longer

Google is, yet again, pushing back its plan to get rid of third-party cookies in Chrome to the back half of 2024, according to their company blog. This is a good time to look at what you’re doing to protect your first-party cookies (these are the tags/trackers from external providers but in the context of your […]

Smarter marketing budget planning

For Australian marketers buried in planning budgets for the new financial year, Blackwood Seven offers the ability to do bottom-up or zero-based budgets, accounting for all the external factors, to drive highly accurate outcomes.  This ability to turn the historical insights from MMM into tangible, prescriptive analytics one of the key USPs for the platform. […]