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Since its founding in 2008, the Culture Kings brand has stood for creativity, ingenuity, and plain coolness. Headquartered in Australia, this premium streetwear brand is a favorite among top musicians, athletes, and other style leaders.

The company has grown fast since its founding. So fast, in fact, that community management has proven itself a difficult task.

The digital marketing team at Culture Kings had a significant challenge in managing a vast number of comments and questions from an ever-growing fanbase. They tried different tools and platforms over the years, but it wasn’t until they found ours that the Culture Kings team was able to manage double the number of direct messages and improve their productivity by a mile.

The Challenge

When Culture Kings was first founded, their social team used native social platforms to handle community management. Once their customer base grew, they quickly found that they needed a way to mark comments as read as they worked through them. With no way for community managers to filter messages and assign tasks to colleagues, inquiries from loyal customers could slip through the cracks.

With an ever-increasing customer base and volume of inquiries, the team knew it was time to upgrade to a social media management platform.

After trying out several different platforms, our social media management solution quickly proved itself as an excellent choice at a more cost-effective price than its competitors. Even though Culture Kings is an established brand, our functionality has helped them grow even further.

“We have easily doubled the amount of Instagram DM’s we can complete in a week. With Engage, we can smash through comments at a crazy rate.”

— Sue Pham, Head of Customer Experience at Culture Kings

The Opportunity

Culture Kings were thrilled by the beautiful UX and robust functionality.

With the Engage module’s filtering options, the community management team could easily label and sort through incoming messages, marking them as read and assigning them to other team members as needed. All these capabilities built up to a seamless whole, making it easy for the Culture Kings team to respond to more messages in record time.

Because we’re a preferred partner of Instagram and Facebook, the Culture Kings team gets access to new product releases every time the Instagram team changes their API. For instance, the ability to manage DMs and threaded comments was a true game-changer for Culture Kings.

Instead of toggling between a management platform and the native tool to handle DMs, the team can answer questions and comments at a record rate, all in one place.

When regular customers mention the Culture Kings brand, the team tags them back in their IG stories which quickly leads to higher engagement rates and long-term customer loyalty.

The Impact

All these functionalities together work towards the same goal: excellent customer service.

With our solution, the social team at Culture Kings has doubled the number of Instagram DM’s they complete in a week — at a minimum, 1,400 comments and 5,000 tasks weekly. From post comments to Instagram DMs to Messenger pings, the team needs dramatically less time to answer queries and interact with fans online.

This ease of use has had significant results, dropping staff hours by a whopping 30%.

With productivity up and stress levels down, the result is that the Culture Kings team has far more time on their hands to focus on cultivating one-to-one relationships with their customer base. Now that they spend way less time on administrative tasks, they can have great conversations with their audience and encourage brand loyalty.

Our solution “easily has the best user experience we’ve ever seen in a marketing tool,” explains Sue Pham, Head of Customer Experience at Culture Kings. “It’s so intuitive that it’s made our daily jobs way easier.”

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Since its founding in 2008, the Culture Kings brand has stood for creativity, ingenuity, and plain coolness. Headquartered in Australia, this premium streetwear brand is


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