Datatrue is a SaaS solution that provides quality assurance for web analytics, martech and adtech tags and cookies.

DataTrue ensures your web analytics, AdTech and MarTech tags deliver the accurate insights you need to boost your digital performance, while protecting your customers’ information.


Get deep insights from granular testing

Validate granular elements of your analytics solution design by creating tag and data layer unit tests. Audit and monitor tags, variables, cookies, data layer values, HTML data attributes, and other DOM elements.

Integrate tag testing into agile best practices

Ensure your digital data is accurate through every iteration by using our APIs to integrate our testing tools into your development cycles.

Boost the performance of digital assets

Optimize analytics costs, improve the user experience, and ensure compliance by identifying rogue or outdated tags, slow-loading pages, and coding issues.

Extract full value from your ad spend

Reduce ineffective advertising expenditure by eliminating broken and misdirected links in your digital assets.

Streamline the path to purchase

Don’t give customers a reason to abandon purchases — eliminate incorrect links and slow-loading pages by identifying outdated tags and coding issues.

Comply with privacy regulations

Ensure your organization complies with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other regulations.

DataTrue Toolset

Responsive Web Analytics Testing

Test critical paths on your website and automate tag audits for critical pages to prevent data collection issues from compromising business decisions. Automate tests to run daily, weekly or monthly.

Sensitive Data (PII) Leak Alerts

Simulate interactions to test your website’s data security and avoid putting real customer data at risk. You’ll receive alerts if any personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data is shared. Your Chief Data Officer can rest assured with automated data governance.

Mobile App Analytics Testing

Test tags on your native mobile apps using different devices and operating systems and run regression tests on new app releases. and tags with user consent and privacy policies.

Email Analytics Testing

Integrate DataTrue with your email marketing platform to systematically audit campaigns before every release. Validate the compliance of cookies.

Cookie Policy Audits

Validate the compliance of cookies and tags with user consent and privacy policies.

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