Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution is the global pioneer in generative marketing attribution created for marketers, backed by science and made to scale.  

Marketing mix modelling (MMM) and multi-touch attribution (MTA) aren’t cutting it. MMM is too slow, MTA is too narrow and beset by tracking problems. 

Marketing Evolution’s person-level attribution approach is your source of truth for omnichannel marketing measurement and performance, using machine intelligence to predict exposure and measure impact while protecting consumer privacy.

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Marketing Evolution


If we had an extra $1 million to invest, where should we put it, and what will the outcomes be?
How do we balance the need for both top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel results?
Are we investing enough or too much in media?
Which messages for which channels are driving the most incremental KPI conversions and how can we get them to work all together efficiently?
How should we plan flighting of campaigns?
What happens to our sales if we stop investing in brand advertising?

Understand, optimise and predict media spend

across all channels with unified marketing measurement coupled with generative AI

Attribute omnichannel marketing and media investments to multiple KPIs - brand, consideration and sales.

Generate optimised media plans to improve ROI. See exactly how the recommendations are different.

Quantify the business value of your brand


Marketing Evolution’s Mevo is a  SaaS platform for media planning, marketing measurement, and full-funnel reporting/insights.

Mevo’s robust recommendation engine is driven by machine learning to help build and activate optimized media plans, predict outcomes, and eliminate waste.

Mevo’s predictive capabilities make it possible to generate actionable, optimised media and marketing plans on the fly, using a platform anyone on the team can drive.

Create scenarios based on a budget/timeframe to find optimisation opportunities, or start with a target KPI, and let Mevo work out how media can get you there. 

Take a tour and see the Mevo platform in action. 

People-based Marketing Measurement


Forget user tracking, cookie matching and identity graphs. AI fills in the missing data gaps with user-level media exposure derived from synthetic audiences, without the privacy concerns.


Get intra-campaign results and optimisation opportunities with a platform that updates as quickly as your data is available (typically weekly). Get deep, holistic insights at the top, mid and bottom funnel.


All media insights (all channels, publishers and tactics) come with a unique audience overlay, thanks to Mevo's consumer exposure model. This means you can understand audience behind media exposure to help better deliver plans that deliver.

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