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Use Pi Datametrics to analyse your search performance, monitor industry and consumer trends and discover new opportunities to put your content in front of the most valuable searches.

Search Intelligence at your fingertips

Drive organic performance

Digital marketers, SEOs, Data Analysts, CMOs and more use Pi’s SEO Platform and SEO data connectors to discover opportunity, evaluate markets and fuel the performance of their digital assets.

Know Customer Intent

Evaluate the consumer impact of your brand

Whether it’s for the brand as a whole or your individual product lines, we can show you organic search volumes over the past 36 months.

Search trend data is available for Australia and New Zealand, naturally, but also for other markets and languages, making Pi Datametrics an invaluable tool for evaluating opportunities or performance in export markets, or like some of our customers, leveraging search behaviour insights from other countries to predict counter-seasonal search trends here.

Unlike Google Trends, you get the search volume data, not an index score, and you can aggregate hundreds or thousands of keywords, or narrow it down to a handful, or even just one. This is an incredibly powerful way to communicate search trends to your business in a way that everyone will easily understand. 

Add to this the insights from the questions that people ask about your brand (and your competitors!), and you have a powerful research engine at your fingertips.

Download our report into “How Search Behaviour Changed Due to Covid-19” at the bottom of the page.

View the entire landscape

See the winners by industry and market

We track the top 100 results from every keyword tracked, enabling you to see the full depth and breadth of your market, to new market opportunity, to competitors you didn’t even know existed but are rapidly rising through the ranks.


Inform strategy at every level

Not just for the SEO team

We believe there’s incredible value for the entire organisation to embrace the insights from search. Whilst there are tools that will only interest the SEO team (I’m looking at you, conflict detector), you will have others across research & insights, brand, merchandising/buying, content marketing, PR and senior management who will derive value from the search trend data, opportunity analysis (putting a dollar value on improved SEO outcomes), the types of search results surfaced (and how that changes over time), the questions people ask, and exactly what are competitors up to.

We also appreciate not everyone on the team wants to learn a new platform, so we can supply reports, insights and workshops to ensure the value of the data is maximised.

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