Sparkline Analytics Auditor

Sparkline is an analytics business focused on delivering actionable insights. 

After producing hundreds of analytics audits across Google Analytics (GA3 and GA4), Google Tag Manager, and Adobe Analytics, they have created an automated process that runs through the equivalent of 40-60 hours of manual audits to produce an actionable audit to ensure everything is set up properly. 


Audit Score

Poor analytics implementations result in incorrect data, hindering analysis and decision-making, preventing proper execution of optimisation opportunities and leading to lost opportunity value.

Sparkline’s Analytics Auditor helps companies regain value from their web analytics data, and automate the most time-consuming processes behind maintaining clean data.

Web analytics implementations break for a number of reasons

Inadvertently breaking dependent components (one change breaks another)

Not utilising the full feature set of your analytics platform

Changes in the functionality of the website itself

Tags were removed by accident eg website update, re-platforming

Tag were duplicated, e.g. tags in both the tag manager and CMS

Audit Intelligence

“Garbage in, garbage out”

Bad data wastes time, effort and money, and fuels poor decision making.

Audit results

Audit results are accessible through an easy-to-use interface or exported to a document for wider sharing.

Issues checked include

The biggest headache in web analytics is in poor or incomplete implementation – not in people’s ability to read data.

Focus on interpreting data, spotting opportunities and driving change – we make sure your data is up to the job.

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