Ad-Bots and Ad-Blockers are Skewing Your Analytics

Between bots infiltrating your campaigns and humans blocking your attempts to track them, your digital analytics are skewed. 

You are both over-reporting traffic by 30-40% (bots) and mis-attributing conversions by 20-30% (blocked cookies), and you’re likely deciding on where and how to spend your advertising budget based on faulty data.  

These are completely different issues, but they can be fixed in a similar way: tags on every page of your website by CHEQ and RescueMetrics. Used together, you can rest assured that your data-driven decision making is fueled by the right data.

the first Go-to-Market Security engine

CHEQ is cyber-security for marketers and blocks invalid traffic (a mixture of automated bots and malicious humans) from seeing your ads and infiltrating your analytics.

Driven by military-grade cybersecurity experts from Israel, CHEQ utilises advanced machine learning to mitigate and prevent invalid, poor-quality traffic in absolute real time. A pioneer of AI-driven fraud-detection, CHEQ is deployed by leading brands, agencies and AdTech platforms to drive more ROI from digital marketing. Leading retailers also love the ability to limit the number of paid search ads seen by real users (aka frequency capping), an incredibly useful byproduct born from the need to block bots from clicks on ads again and again. You may be surprised just how many times an individual may click on your search ads in a single day.

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An easy-to-implement server side tracking solution that stops cookie data loss

Tracking prevention technologies are growing every year, and over one third of Australians report that they use ad blockers. According to GWI data, 33% of Australian internet users use technology to block ads or hide their cookies, but the main reason people are turning to ad blockers is because “ads get in the way”, “ads aren’t relevant to me”, and “there are too many ads”. Helping to recover the data lost due to ad blockers could actually help fix part of the problem by enabling ad platforms to better control frequency, but also enable advertisers to stop showing ads to customers who have recently purchased a product.

RescueMetrics has been developed to resolve the data loss caused by cookies, iOS and tracking prevention disruptions. There’s no added configuration needed to your existing tagging setup or ongoing maintenance required… all without compromising consumer privacy. 

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Unskew your analytics

By using both CHEQ and Rescuemetrics you could see 30%+ uplift in performance metrics

Although completely separate platforms, CHEQ and RescueMetrics work well as a combo.

  1. The implementation of their tags is very similar – save time and effort by putting the tags in at same time (in the same places!)
  2. The frequency capping capability of CHEQ is enhanced by RescueMetrics – it will pick up 20-30% additional real users who are over-clicking your ads. 
  3. Both platforms improve the ROI of digital campaigns, used in conjunction, you could see 30%+ uplift in performance metrics.
  4. Web analytics and conversion optimisation activities will be much more accurate, driving further downstream ROI improvements.

Ensure your digital campaign decisions are only using the right data. Unskew your analytics for immediate ROI improvements.

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