People-based Marketing Measurement & Attribution

to help businesses Understand, Optimise and Predict marketing outcomes.

Backed by a suite of technology to help measure and quantify marketing investments, we specialise in adding a lens the people layer that is behind the marketing metrics. 

Brand tracking with an actionable twist – go beyond tracking the ups and downs of brand metrics, learn more about who your fans are, and how to reach and influence those who don’t know you. What are their media habits? Social platforms? How do they discover new brands? What else are they shopping for?

We also help brands go beyond brand tracking and deep into measuring how marketing campaigns are working. What’s the baseline of sales? How much can be attributed to media? How can you drive more efficiency out of the activity? What would be the impact of taking away $1m of the budget? How much really should be attributed to the email marketing campaigns?

This is all made possible by technology that puts person-level data at the core of everything, with the aid of sophisticated predictive intelligence to fill in the measurement gaps. 

We work with clients under various different scenarios:



We help clients with project-based work leveraging these platforms, particularly where we are tapping into multiple different datasets. 

This can be a one-off piece of work or effectively a POC for a future investment in the platform for a client’s own use.

Platform Enablement

We also set clients up with their own licenses to these platforms, and take you through training and enablement to make the most out of them, with optional professional services when you need to dive deeper. 

Managed Services

We can also completely handle the end-to-end for you. Manage platform set up and operation, run analyses, and recommend actions. 

We will work with each client to find the right balance based on your team’s capacity and capability. 

Through our direct clients, and those working with the agencies and consultancies we support, we have data and expertise on a wide range of categories and sectors. We are particularly strong in banking, insurance, government, education, FMCG, utilities, building, wine & beer, and retail. 

Our clients are mostly in Australia and New Zealand, but also in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our clients include:


Often larger in scale with in-house capabilities.


Creative, media, digital, and PR, from global holding companies to local independent agencies.


Big four and specialist strategy/insights consultants, including sole operators.

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