Data Quality Audit & Optimisation

Because Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tech relies on high quality data

Get the Ground Truth on your digital analytics.

Ensuring your analytics, adtech and martech tags are all firing and only collecting the data they’re supposed to, that those tags are properly firing for each website visitor, regardless of adblocking or browser choice, and the data flowing into your web analytics account that has been finely tuned.


Most sites are both over-reporting traffic by 20-40% (bots & fake users) and under-reporting conversions by 20-50%  (signal loss), have  dropped some analytics tags, or incorrectly set up their web analytics, making optimisation decisions based on faulty data. 

However reporting and attribution are handled, from last-touch through to MMM and people-based marketing attribution, good quality data is crucial for success. 

This is especially true if you’re using some form of algorithmic optimisation for bidding, conversion rate testing or media allocation. Poor data signals can have massively impactful business outcomes. 

Whilst RescueMetrics is checking tags are firing for each user, regardless of their browser or device, DataTrue is an automated tag checking tool to make sure that all the tags are there to begin with (i.e., they haven’t been inadvertently dropped in a page update or a change to event-firing conditions), and the tags are not impacting one another when firing, or harvesting data that they shouldn’t.
CHEQ identifies and mitigates bots infiltrating your ad campaigns with fake clicks and filling your digital pipelines with junk.

Sparkline has an API-powered automated audit of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics accounts, making sure the analytics data that is being protected by RescueMetrics and DataTrue is fuelling the right insights to act on. 

The cleaned data also benefits all forms of media optimisation, whether you’re doing digital attribution, marketing mix modelling or generative attribution.

These holistic models use the organic traffic for new visitors to assign value to offline advertising and the synergy effects for digital behaviours. They may also be using signals from your website (e.g. applications, downloads, meetings etc) as a mid-funnel KPI for optimisation. 

Talk to us about a “try before you buy” audit of any of these platforms. 

Better yet, bring them all together as a comprehensive digital data quality audit:

Website tag audit 

Signal loss audit

Invalid traffic audit

Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics Audit

Find out what the priority issues are and make the business case for turning into proactive continuous monitoring. 

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