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Coming together to help you Understand, Optimise and Predict customer outcomes.


With Brandwatch, find meaning in the billions of conversations happening online about your products, your brand, and your competitors, written by your customers, your prospects, and those that influence them.

The consumer research aspects of Brandwatch are covered in our Agile Insights capability, but you can also use the wider Brandwatch suite for all aspects of social media management, whether it’s sentiment analysis for your brand or end-to-end community management, advertising and influencer marketing campaigns.


Pi Datametrics enables you to analyse your search performance, monitor industry and consumer trends and discover new opportunities to put your content in front of the most valuable searches. Various aspects of the Pi suite get used in Agile Insights, but this is also an incredible enterprise-grade SEO tracking and reporting tool for agencies and in-house SEO teams. Unlike some other SEO tools, Pi Datametrics is a platform with no limits on the number of workspaces, domains, or users, so you can have the SEO team using it for ongoing reporting and management, and the marketing/insights teams using it for brand tracking, consumer trend analysis, or diving deep into competitor strategies. Keyword tracking can be done daily, weekly or monthly, with the option to mix-and-match within an account to accommodate different use cases.
Pi Datametrics SERP Radar


Brandwatch and Pi Datametrics naturally work together well for content marketing. Use Brandwatch to find the topics that you target audience are interested in, the language/phrases they use, the concerns/issues they talk about, and understand what topics are becoming more popular. You can then cross-check how that translates into search behaviours, and identify how Google prioritises content features for these topics. In particular, discover how much social content is making its way into the search results to understand what your content distribution strategy should be.

You can also leverage the questions being asked in search as inspiration for social content – this is what people want to know about, even if they haven’t started searching yet.

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