People-based marketing measurement & attribution

We layer world-leading technologies to Understand, Optimise and Predict marketing outcomes.

People-based marketing measurement & attribution

We add a layer of person-level understanding to our measurement of brand and marketing campaigns. 

For brand tracking, surveys are delivered as a recontact approach to a panel of respondents who have already completed a comprehensive survey to help uncover 40,000+ profiling points around demographics, media habits, interests, social platforms, sports, gaming, online activities and much more. So, we don’t just give you the aggregate numbers around your brand KPIs, we help you understand the audiences behind the numbers for actionable media and communications changes.

For marketing attribution, we are using a generative AI platform that rebuilds customer journeys across all offline and online media. We start with the conversion and work backwards, using a backbone of synthetic data representative of the national population. So, not only do we know how the customer journey works in relation to your media activity, but we can also help you understand the common patterns across different demographics and geographies for much more actionable media optimisation

Fundamentally, a people-based approach allows a better understanding of the metrics and a clear path forward to optimise. 

The people who understand people always win.

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Up to 29% MROI improvement
Fast start: optimisations ready in weeks

Marketing Evolution’s unified marketing measurement solution is our source of truth for omnichannel marketing measurement and performance, using machine intelligence to predict exposure and measure impact while protecting consumer privacy.

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40,000+ person-level attributes
Australia, NZ +50 more markets

Tap into the world’s most revealing data for impactful consumer insights. GWI’s survey-led research gives you the answers you need on your target customers.
Our brand tracking is done through GWI, so you get all your brand insights with a people-based lens.

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Over 1.7 trillion pieces of historical content + real-time analysis

Find meaning in the billions of conversations happening online about your products, your brand, and your competitors, written by your customers, your prospects, and those that influence them.
Deep sentiment analysis, powered by AI, can help explain the 'why' behind shifts in brand perception.

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Rescue Metrics

Up to 55% of your digital data is impacted by signal loss

A crucial companion for any marketing attribution work, RescueMetrics combats signal loss in digital data due to ad blockers and browser technologies, in a privacy-compliant way. The fastest way to improve marketing ROI for digital.

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Business moves quickly. You need information and updates in real time on what's happening to your business, industry and competitors.



Crisis Control brings together your team on the right information as it happens using live dashboards, data firehoses, smart categorisation, trend detection and realtime alerts to inform time critical decisions and get ahead of the issue.

Key Technology
  • Full Twitter and Reddit Data Firehoses for news as-it-happens.
  • AI-powered trend detection to understand drivers of conversation.
  • Customisable realtime dashboards and alerting.
  • 495 million publically available posts daily across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Online news, Forums, Blogs, Reviews and websites.