What we do

We help businesses leverage data and AI-enabled technologies to better Understand, Optimise and Predict marketing outcomes.​



Consumer trends and market insights for your own business, to support internal business cases or new business pitches.

What is being said about brands, using public posts and an enterprise’s own data.

The online content consumed
by your target audience.

The impact of pricing, creative, external events, and competitor campaigns on media and business outcomes. 

The de-duplicated truth about how your campaigns are performing



How you talk to your
prospective and existing customers.

Budget allocation at a channel,
publisher and placement level.

The right budget for your required outcomes, with zero-based approaches.

Audience creation and activation based on your own bespoke requirements.

Resource usage supporting reporting, campaign performance and social listening.



Impact of reducing budgets, removing publishers, and re-flighting.

Media plan outcomes for any possible scenario you want to run.

How unexpected and novel events will impact business outcomes.



Social Analytics

Crisis Management
Social SOV
Pitch Support
Competitor Analysis
Social NPS
Campaign Analysis
Category/Market Analysis

Our Technology

Brandwatch is brand intelligence re-imagined. The platform uses the smartest AI in the industry to segment and categorise trends and opinions from a searchable library of 1.4 trillion posts going back over 10 years. Our customers apply this to their own enterprise content from NPS, surveys, chat logs, call transcripts and other unstructured data. We can help you use Brandwatch to understand consumer trends, track what people are saying about your brand, and create fast, actionable research.
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Blackwood Seven
Blackwood Seven is the world’s premier unified analytics and predictive media platform. Using a combination of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are able to analyse and predict the impact of your media investment on a specific KPI such as sales. With Blackwood Seven, we can help you understand and quantify all business drivers, including creative and pricing, as well as measure media synergies across channels. You will also get actionable media allocations based on media mix models that update automatically with the latest business and macro data.
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Pi Datametrics
Pi Datametrics is the world’s leading search intelligence tool for understanding search behavioural intent, visibility for you and your competitors, share of voice, and market opportunities. Once just the preserve of the in-house SEO team, the intelligence gained from this software should be leveraged by a brand’s content, PR, digital, merchandising, and commercial teams. For agencies, it’s critical capability for prospecting, pitching, auditing and ongoing operations for clients where digital visibility is important.
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We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

Explore a sample of outcomes we have achieved for clients.

Daily management reporting for the big 4 banks during emerging issues – how are products and services impacted and prioritise supporting customers in need.

Australian university pioneered using social media monitoring to detect drug use problems.

C-level daily insight reporting to help the big banks protect reputations and shape customer responses.

Achieved 98.6% sales prediction accuracy for media impacts on sales, also improving ROI by 19%.

Big 4 consulting firm using predictive alerting technology for government project delivery.

Our team

Ground Control is the data and technology arm of One Small Step Collective, a data-driven creative agency.

Phil Zohrab


The Ground Control team is led by Phil Zohrab, an industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience in using data to achieve business outcomes.

Formerly Chief Data Officer at Dentsu Aegis Network, and with leadership roles at performance agencies iProspect and Performics, he knows a thing or two about data, analytics and consumer insights through working on some of the largest and most sophisticated marketers around. Phil has carved out a niche as being an accessible expert in technology for media and marketing.


Adrian Romeo

COnsumer intelligence

Over the last 10 years, Adrian has delivered powerful strategic business intelligence solutions to government at every level, and executives across many of largest enterprises and non-profits around Australia. With a diverse background across research, data analysis, key account management, and solutions consulting across major data collections, Adrian has strong experience and success designing media intelligence and insights solutions to inform any strategy. Adrian brings a natural instinct of all things technology to transform conversation into actionable business insights from the lens of both the business and consumer with AI-powered digital media analytics from Brandwatch.

James Procter


James has been involved in the Australian and Asian advertising industries for over 20 years. During that time, has helped transform big multinationals like Ogilvy and George Patterson Y&R, leading the creative product as the Executive Creative Director. Throughout his career, James has delivered campaigns on a diverse client list including well-known consumer brands like Coca-Cola, adidas, Virgin Australia, Clarks, MRV, Nestle, Stihl. and the Traffic Accident Commission (TAC).

Along the way, he’s had success at numerous creative award shows from Cannes Lions to The One Show but more importantly, the work delivered has been recognised as effective in building business and brands.

John Williams


John has spent much of his working life in marketing and strategy departments on the client side for large corporations including Coles, Kraft, Cadbury, and Detpak. He has also lead the business at research agency Synovate and creative design agency Disegno, before founding One Small Step Collective in 2013. John has worked on a lot of public campaigns, the most recent was when he led the delivery of the successful Green Army campaign.

John’s core passion is ensuring consumer insights are leveraged to develop the right business, brand and creatives strategies that engage consumers. He loves campaigns that result in action and ultimately, help people make better decisions.

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