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Are your traditional marketing strategies not producing the expected outcomes? Try adopting a more personalised and data-driven marketing strategy powered by better marketing attribution.

Ground Control launched in Melbourne on March 1st, 2020. There was a whiff of COVID at the time, …

Minds are being blown by what can be done with generative AI applied to text, images and now video. There are also applications for marketing analytics - enter Marketing Evolution.

Interested in learning more about people-based marketing attribution and how it works? Here’s a quick presentation to give …

Chloe from RescueMetrics sat down with Ground Control’s Phil Zohrab and his former Dentsu colleague from the US …

US-based Marketing Evolution, already managing over $3B of media spend through their SaaS platform, has partnered with Ground Control Data to offer a new approach to omnichannel marketing measurement and planning that is faster, more granular and more actionable than traditional MMM.

With billions of active users across various platforms, social media has provided brands with an unprecedented opportunity to …

The Power of the Firehose To quote the great philosophers and performers Cypress Hill, when the shit goes …

I have recently started listening to the podcast by Jon Snow, (former UK Channel 4 news broadcaster), called …

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Business moves quickly. You need information and updates in real time on what's happening to your business, industry and competitors.



Crisis Control brings together your team on the right information as it happens using live dashboards, data firehoses, smart categorisation, trend detection and realtime alerts to inform time critical decisions and get ahead of the issue.

Key Technology
  • Full Twitter and Reddit Data Firehoses for news as-it-happens.
  • AI-powered trend detection to understand drivers of conversation.
  • Customisable realtime dashboards and alerting.
  • 495 million publically available posts daily across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Online news, Forums, Blogs, Reviews and websites.