Introduction to People-based Marketing Attribution

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Interested in learning more about people-based marketing attribution and how it works?

Here’s a quick presentation to give you an understanding.


  • People-based Marketing Attribution, powered by Marketing Evolution, offers the big-picture benefits of MMM (Marketing Mix Modelling) with better speed, granularity, and actionability that comes from MTA (Multi-touch Attribution):
    • Omnichannel
    • Forecasting & scenarios (with multiple KPIs)
    • Unique person-level data gives an audience lens
    • Deep media analytics with granularity down to creative/format level
    • Improving marketing ROI by ~20+%
  • It helps you answer marketing’s big questions, as well as smaller/more granular media questions with demographic and geographic insights. 
  • We start with conversions and build person-level journeys through predictive intelligence (a.k.a synthetic data + generative AI).
  • The variation in people data makes this fast

    • Get actionable recommendations within weeks

    • Use months of data, rather than years

    • Enables a test & learn approach

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