Ground Control turns 4

Ground Control launched in Melbourne on March 1st, 2020. There was a whiff of COVID at the time, but we certainly were not expecting to just have a couple of weeks in the office together before the lockdowns kicked in.  We started the business with the pre-existing Brandwatch clients from One Small Step Collective (who […]

Introduction to People-based Marketing Attribution

Interested in learning more about people-based marketing attribution and how it works? Here’s a quick presentation to give you an understanding. Summary: People-based Marketing Attribution, powered by Marketing Evolution, offers the big-picture benefits of MMM (Marketing Mix Modelling) with better speed, granularity, and actionability that comes from MTA (Multi-touch Attribution): Omnichannel Forecasting & scenarios (with multiple […]

The Future of Marketing Measurement

Chloe from RescueMetrics sat down with Ground Control’s Phil Zohrab and his former Dentsu colleague from the US (and now SVP of RescueMetrics) Alex Langshur, to riff about the future of marketing measurement.  Alex is the founder and former Co-CEO of Cardinal Path, a Merkle company, and once led Dentsu’s global Google Practice. Alex met […]

The next evolution of MMM and attribution launched in Australia & NZ

US-based Marketing Evolution, already managing over $3B of media spend through their SaaS platform, has partnered with Ground Control Data to offer a new approach to omnichannel marketing measurement and planning that is faster, more granular and more actionable than traditional MMM.

Make your Money Matter: the sustainability issue for banks

I have recently started listening to the podcast by Jon Snow, (former UK Channel 4 news broadcaster), called Snowcast.  A recent episode features Richard Curtis, famous for writing Blackadder, Love Actually, Four Weddings and Funeral, and countless other things, and his involvement with Comic Relief.  Not only did I learn that he was actually born […]

Defending Your Media Budget

Martech can help you navigate the economic headwinds Many businesses are facing increasing pressures to cut costs, including marketing budgets, due to economic headwinds, high costs of living, and continued uncertainty. Advertisers who survived the COVID-19 pandemic must navigate new challenges and adapt to shifting consumer behaviours. Again.  The impact of these challenges on advertising […]

Why we block ads

The Ground Control team has had the opportunity to do some sessions with the IMAA and the A-League to talk about what consumers really think about advertising and the particularly pressing topic: why people block ads. To fuel the discussion, we leveraged the data and insights available from GWI.  A couple of interesting insights worth […]

Cookies are with us a little longer

Google is, yet again, pushing back its plan to get rid of third-party cookies in Chrome to the back half of 2024, according to their company blog. This is a good time to look at what you’re doing to protect your first-party cookies (these are the tags/trackers from external providers but in the context of your […]

When a recession hits, should you cut your performance budget?

Mi3Australia has written a relevant piece reminding us that we should really avoid cutting brand investment during a recession, and the performance marketing budget should be cut instead. This is definitely counter-intuitive for many businesses, especially those in the business who hold the keys to the marketing budgets. This is also a very good time to make […]