Make your Money Matter: the sustainability issue for banks

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I have recently started listening to the podcast by Jon Snow, (former UK Channel 4 news broadcaster), called Snowcast

A recent episode features Richard Curtis, famous for writing Blackadder, Love Actually, Four Weddings and Funeral, and countless other things, and his involvement with Comic Relief. 

Not only did I learn that he was actually born in NZ (something kiwis only care about), but he has launched a new site in the UK to make it easy for people to make it known to their pension providers that they don’t want their money to further fund the climate crisis  – Make My Money Matter. It features a very short film that is too good not to share (featuring another Jon Snow, or at least actor Kit Harrington).

Hidden Relationship.mp4 from Make My Money Matter on Vimeo.

I was thinking about this and what’s going on in our own backyard so turned to our market research and audience insights partner, GWI, who feature sustainability questions throughout their Core research.

The data are a mixed bag. Younger generations (Gen Y and Z) prioritise sustainability, but not Gen X and Boomers (in general). It’s worth checking out the Sustainability slice of their annual Connecting the Dots report.

The February 2023 Zeitgeist data delves into consumer decision-making in more detail with the following question:

For each of the following product categories, how important to you is it that brands support sustainability causes?

  • Clothing / apparel
  • Entertainment (e.g. films / music)
  • Financial products
  • Food & drink (e.g. restaurants)
  • Food products (e.g. fresh groceries, canned goods)
  • Home / furniture products
  • Household products (e.g. cleaning products, bed linens)
  • Personal care items (e.g. toiletries, cosmetics)
  • Technology / electronic items
  • Transportation (e.g. car)
  • Travel / leisure

If you’re already a subscriber to GWI, jump in and have a look at the categories relating to your business. Otherwise, if you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch

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