Brand Measurement

People-based Brand Tracking & Measurement

There are two key approaches to measuring how your brand is working.

Brand Tracking

Brand Tracking, also known as Brand Monitoring or Brand Dips, is the systematic process of measuring and evaluating how a brand is perceived by its target audience and the wider market. It involves the (ideally, continuous) collection and analysis of data to assess various aspects of a brand’s health, such as brand awareness, sentiment, consideration, and brand loyalty.

Brand tracking helps businesses understand whether they need to invest more in brand (i.e. top-of-funnel) campaigns, or whether those campaigns are working to drive an improvement in the brand KPIs.

Most brand tracking studies are conducted via an online survey, and will include questions to reflect the KPIs that are to be monitored: awareness, recall, preference, consideration etc.

Social listening technologies like Brandwatch can be used for sentiment analysis and social SOV.  Search tracking technologies like Pi Datametrics can be used for search SOV. Because search and social can look backwards, they can provide a useful baseline for brand visibility ahead of any survey-based brand tracking. 

Typically once you’ve set up ongoing brand tracking, the next step is planning and optimising media campaigns to improve the KPIs and drive direct and indirect sales growth. 

Our brand tracking is backed by GWI’s rich, representative audience data in Australia, New Zealand and 50 more countries.

This means we can pre-select respondents based on a range of criteria aligned to the target market, and we don’t have to add questions about demographics, media/social/technology usage, or general attitudes and beliefs. It’s all in the data already.


With our people-based generative marketing attribution platform from Marketing Evolution, we can then take this brand model further, to understand the brand impact on media and customer journeys, and the media activity’s impact on brand. This helps answer the following business questions: 

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