Brand Measurement

Brand measurement is an all-encompassing term for the range of tools to help you understand brand performance and its impact on your business.

If you’ve never done a brand track study before, we can use our Agile Insights framework to tap in Search Share of Voice and Social Share of Voice data for a quick read on historical performance. A GWI custom research study can then be put into play for a more traditional brand track, with the benefit of recent search and social data to help understand what’s happening right now and providing helpful context and competitor/category insights. 

If you have brand tracking data already, we can use AI-powered Bayesian models to understand the relationship between the brand and media performance, and advertisers plan for maximising brand and sales outcomes. 

What is your brand strength?

How is it affecting the customer journey in different stages? 

What does it mean when a given variable goes up or down?

We can map the various different variables to understand their relationship with each other:

(The hierarchy graph is not a precise causality claim, but it can indicate the relationships among different branding variables)

With our MMM and generative marketing attribution platforms, Blackwood Seven and Marketing Evolution, we can then take this brand model further, to understand the brand impact on media and customer journeys, and the media activity’s impact on brand. This helps answer the following business questions:

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